Friday, August 6, 2010

It's time.

I'm going into my seclusion mode very soon and I think that it is suitable for my coming events.

So much has happened since the break-up, many of which I am not able to describe in words. I think that I have grown up so much since then. This is the period of time when I laugh and cry my whole heart out, it is also the time that I tried searching for the things I've missed.

I think that I am in my purest form now because I just allow myself to be open, to absorb what the world has to bring. There is a throbbing pain that I am facing, a feeling that something bad's gonna happen. The last time when it happened, I predicted my break-ups.

I hate to see what is coming next, but I find that I need to face it like a man or a woman, face to face.

Staring at the moonlight I seek,
For the one who was meant to be.
The face is blurry with shimmering glares,
A hand held me tight and close.

A love so wrong to begin with,
Our daring hearts took a risk.
A jump that was never meant to be,
Yet the feelings just flow in.

Now; the alone me,
Staring at the same skies we love to see.
Much has changed but the heart still beats,
The scene repeated without a twist.

Can I still have the chance to dream,
Even as condemned as I could be.
For that one kiss to believe,
It was all meant to be to begin with.

In our own whirlwind of nothingness,
Our binding souls held close.
Even if it was for an instance,
Is it so hard if it was just a plea?

Never did I expect my heart to beat,
To the rhythms of your music.
Look at me in the eye and tell me,
Tell me that it wasn't real and I will believe.

Enough is enough.

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