Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My bad habits.

I think that I just need to write them so that I feel more sane and less perfect.

1. I like to have reading materials when I do my business in the loo.

2. I can be lazy when I wanna need to remove my make-up, sometimes I sleep with it on.

3. I like sleeping on the couch.

4. I like dancing in the bathroom.

5. I can smoke wherever actually, as long as there isn't anyone elderly that I am blood related to around.

6. I am a messy girl, I don't tidy lotsa my things in my room, or my wardrobe or my bed for that matter.

7. I love procrastinating.

8. I am straightforward, blunt and very to the point. I hate beating around the bush; it really doesn't matter who you are, I will tell it like it is. This is something that I will never change. Hence, I don't have good EQ skills, whatever.

9. I actually like pimples and pain; so tattoos and piercings attract me a whole lot.

10. I like money but I don't LOVE money. I like to shop and I don't care if anyone else thinks less of it.


There, right at the top of my head. I hate people who are so trapped and well, "close-minded", because I don't judge or rather, I try not to. It's okay to be who you are, to be weird, dumbfounded, stumble on bricks and to enjoy.

If you are always stuck in stressful situations, it's gonna just freak you out, over and over again. If you so restricted by rules and regulations then just forget it and move on.

I am planning on something now, well, more on enjoying life. So yeah! I will update on that again, I think. Anything else, I am still smiling- at the end of the day. It's always a battle, but if you walk out confidently at the end of it, you are the winner.

The mess don't matter.

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