Friday, July 2, 2010

I think reality really pushes me.

Erm ya, I'm starting to work part-time next week, for two jobs. I think that I will be happier working part-time anyday. Yes, I'm all smiley today, and I initially was preparing it to be a bad one. Nope, not even the rain could break my smile.

I also have some uncensored stuff to share. Yes, apparently my life has been either interesting or complicated, never simple. I can on so many wild trips, meeting so many different people that i just can't stop well, moving.

My self prophecies are fulfilling me, as usual. I get everything I wanted out of them, of short-term planning, well almost everything. I'm not THAT greedy right? It seems like if I want to, I can get more guys than I ask for and if I don't, I am fine with it.

Well then there is just one guy, when I was talking to him, I feel completely me, myself and nothing else. When I talk about him to my friends, I got dissed. When I talking about leaving him, I got dissed as well. At the end of the day, when I know what I want, it was too late and now we aren't even friends, are we?

We do have to lose something to move on right? But of course, not without regrets. Once again, sorry. That's the least that I could offer now.

I'm gonna let time slowly pass.

"It was perfect; long, pink and amazing" Samantha Jones/ Carrie Bradshaw - Sex In the City

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