Monday, October 11, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love.

Initially, I wanted to or rather, I was actually deciding on whether to do a review. Then, I just kinda strike it off because it is just unnecessary.

As you guys already know, this is by Elizabeth Gilbert, that is the only reference that I'm gonna tell ya. So if you have no idea about what the hell I'm talking about, shoo off.

I find this movie meaningful personally because it agrees with my prinicipals. Enjoy what you have and screw up, but be fine with it. Smile from within. Jump into the unknown.

I was still trying to figure out the difference between my trips and for some weird reason, I've been rating it against exposure. This goes against my theory of "things can never happen over again" idea, hence I was unable to comprehend it and gauge it because it was too far off.

I guess the worst thing was; I had expectations. I have hoped that things remain as it was in my memories. Naive me. I had the innate ability to adapt but also to observe, but not this time.

I thought that I was more exposed to everything, maybe I really was but a part of me held back.

The more I was trying to find "freedom" or to enjoy the moment, the more I had control, the more I thought. There was so much on my mind that brought over.

I'm glad to say, I smiled more. I smile so much than I ever could. Was that the balance? I'm not sure.

Within the last few days, so many things have happened. I became grateful of the things I have around me, I am more appreciative now.

That's good. for me. for now.

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