Sunday, June 27, 2010

101 on how to make a guy dump you without letting him feeling guilty.

1. Tell him that you have been fucking around with guys; have fuckbuddies.

2. Being emotional; go crazy everywhere- on tumblr, blogger, twitter and facebook.

3. Smoke, furiously.

4. Appear online all the time.

5. Try getting pet names for each other. The sweeter the better.

6. Name his *ahems*.

7. Pretend that you cherish every single thing that he gave you. Like, LOVE them.

8. Be persistent in irritating him; hog him whenever you can.

9. Cry and get emotional with him. Just cry or sound like you are crying, it'll do.

10. Be stalkerish. Just stalk whatever that he has, make sure that he doesn't know.

Wait for the results.

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