Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm coming back.

I am starting back on my new journey and this is still me. Fuck all those posts beforehand. He doesn't matter now in my life and I shall burn that box one day, I swear. So what am I doing now?

Smoking and I was damn aware that I am left with 3 sticks and today is my third day. I wanted to start writing in my diary for like the number nth time but I find myself lazy, my wardrobe pretty messed up with new clothes that I bought and haven't been wearing. I wasn't out for like 2 days; am I going mad? Yes dear, I am.

I also said that I NEED to be doing up my passport before I'm leaving for a day trip soon and I didn't. I will definitely get it done by tomorrow, god kill me if I don't.

And I happen to think that I am interesting this way. Seriously, when I read back on my previous posts. When I am open with who I am, I can be so funny. When I am not bothered by people who are gonna judge, I am pretty fine that way and people respected me for that.

I need to fucking love myself more; else I will be trapped in another whirlpool all over again and readers (if you are still there, stalking; whatever), you know me.

Not gonna let another guy to take my heart down. Been through that and I turned out to be stronger than before, I know damn well that I can do that too. I have so much capabilities that even my resume won't be able to take it.

So really, what the hell am I doing now? Being happily unemployed and living my life in a SHITHOLE, well, it wasn't as bad as the last one *points at my previous job*, I seriously think that I can do better.

Two things that I'm gonna get at the end of the day, a monroe piercing and a tattoo for Fifi, and I am going to research on whatever just to make sure that I'd be safe and sound at the end of the day. And if that comes off as sucessful, I might just take my bike license, for real this time.

And after that, maybe a decent digital camera to work myself way through; not a DSLR mind you, that just scares the muthafucking shit outta me. Yea, I miss you old blog, because you know me best, and I know how to work you like the tech noob that I already was.

Anyways, to add on, no more London Boy. Since he wants to decide, I'm cool. I'm good to do whatever now. ;)

Right now, I am going to end off with a positive note.


missunpredictable, out.

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