Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You have only yoursewlf to count for.

Just got a bunny and she's the cutest lil thing in the world, it just makes me want to protect her with all that I have. Well, it changes things for me. It's like I know that it will be safe for me to love a pet, but when the pet is gone, I hope, or I tried to salvage the emptiness that was already there-if not, gone. Honestly, it is disheartening but I keep feeling that I need something as an anchor around, I can't feel my place, my space within. Everything is in such a mess, but she, she just made everything better. I have my boxes back in my mind, each to sift our every other bullshit. This is a relationship that I know that I will never be hurt, ever because she depends on me so much and me? I depend on her emotionally. Every new day, something tiny happens and it makes me calmer. Finally, a pet that I can stand strong with, without any fucking politics in the house.

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